Ping On Bun Festival


This is a project about creating a campaign in London. Ping On Bun Festival is a festival in Hong Kong and I would like to bring the festival to London. As the festival aims to bring safety to people, it's a good idea to introduce the festival to Londoner.


In Hong Kong, These are three giant 60-feet bamboo towers covered with buns. It is these bun-covered towers that give the festival its name. Historically, young men would race up the tower to get hold of the buns; the higher the bun, the better fortune it was supposed to bring to the holder's family; the race was known as "Bun-snatching".


To increase target audiences and accessibility of the festival. I bring the idea forward and design a running +cooking campaign for Ping On Bun festival. In this way, people in different age and area could join.

Running map, proposal, stamps and recipes for this campaign.