Branding(Multi-site brand) /



Design a brand that brings people together. The brand itself it's the identity of Art and Design that hold an event in different places/city, still recognizable by people and join the community.  

Branding / RSA Brief 2015-16



Design a way to enable more people to enjoy the benefits of making. Trio is a platform that links people and artists/designers together through dining experiences.  Give people concept of making/craft industry and encourage them to get involved in making, embrace the beauty of art.

Branding /


Let's T.

The environmental friendly brand which works with the local community. Exploring screen print and laser cut technique through the whole brand design.

Branding /


Go Green.

Explore the beauty and live with nature, planting.  Design bringing nature back into the everyday experience of city dwellers, get people to embrace the nature and appreciate the natural living.


Branding. Social design /


Ping On Bun. 太平清醮

Bring a traditional Hong Kong festival 'Ping On Bun Festival' to London. Design a campaign that held in London and gets people to know more about this festival. The event suits different ages that more people could get involved.

Branding. Packaging /


Warning Got Nuts.

An internship packaging project when I was interning in Stepworks. 'Warning Got Nuts', a Hong Kong food brand that sells natural nuts and dried food. 

Typography /



Experiences the beauty Japnese traditional culture origami and design a set of Origami typography.

Infographic /


Food interaction. 

Infographic design for food interaction. A set of cards that show what kind of food can and can't eat together. You could get the magnet out of the card and stick them on the fridge to remind yourself, or before you go for grocery shopping.

Art /

Chinese Painting.

I'm always clamming when doing Chinese painting. Explore the brush strokes and colour and embrace the nature.


Show you the world through my eyes and lens.